Our Connectors & Fittings Offering Just Got Bigger!

By Chamfr Team
June 27, 2024

Now Available: Strain Reliefs

We’re excited to announce a new addition to our marketplace—strain reliefs from our latest supplier Ingenarious! These innovative components are great for R&D teams because they’re engineered to mate perfectly with y-connectors or other proximal hubs, preventing tube kinks and ensuring seamless operation at critical connection points. Whether you need flexibility or strength, we have an in-stock solution for your R&D project.

In-Stock Strain Reliefs:

  • Versatile Designs: 4 unique designs to meet diverse project needs.
  • Material Variety: Choose from 2 different materials offering varying degrees of flexibility, from very soft and flexible to more stiff and strong.
  • Size Options: Available in 4F, 6F, and 8F sizes, plus a versatile version that steps down from 4F to 8F and can be cut to length.

Conveniently Order Luer Hubs with Strain Reliefs

Order luer hubs and strain reliefs together with ease.  Pairing these with our strain reliefs ensures a seamless fit, making it easier to streamline your product development and enhance your innovations.

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