Polyimide: Versatile Material

Katie Karmelek
By Katie Karmelek
June 18, 2020

Polyimide film coat technology has opened so many doors for medical device design engineers. With super thin-walls, chemical and heat resistance properties, and the ability to blend and layer with standard thermoplastic and fluoropolymer materials, it’s very versatile. When I’ve worked on medical devices, I’ve used or recommended polyimide for a wide range of medical device applications including catheters, delivery systems, wire coating, stent delivery, fiberoptics, drug delivery devices  and more…

HPC Medical Products (recently acquired by Teleflex Medical OEM) uses a layering process to build tube walls. Their continuous dip coat process reduces delamination of these layers. This unique process creates a tube that has strength, ductility and stiffness – providing greater durability and toughness over other polyimide tubing products.

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