Where do you go to place a custom order for components?

Chamfr Team
By Chamfr Team
May 5, 2020

Where do you go for custom components? Most of us leverage one of the many medical device directories to find a company that might have the right capabilities, we ask around, or we already have a preferred partner and pick up the phone and call them. Either way, it’s typically a long process that starts with the back and forth of phone tag.   

We developed our marketplace so that engineers could find parts for prototyping when they want them. Then, they could place the order without the burden of picking up the phone and being dependent on a direct connection with someone. So, we thought why not apply the same logic to the custom ordering process? We set out to develop a tool that helps streamline the workflow (what that means is a tool that makes your life easier!)

We should probably take a minute to clarify what we mean by custom components. Every company uses slightly different lingo. To us, custom components means it’s not a stock product on Chamfr.com. There could be a similar product on our marketplace but you may need a slightly different ID/OD, material, color, length, etc.

Instead of spending time searching for companies with matching capabilities or even filling out basic RFQ forms on multiple suppliers site, you can simply submit an RFQ (even upload your drawing) on our tool and we’ll connect you with a seller who best matches your needs. 

We have a handy communication tool where the seller can message you with questions as they work through the quote. You’ll receive email alerts if they send you a message, and you can simply reply to the email. 

The really cool part of this process is that once that seller sends you the quote, you can add your custom component to your shopping cart and checkout without even picking up the phone – just like you were ordering online at your favorite retail store or amazon! But, if you need a PO, you can place your order in a more traditional manner with the supplier.

We’re committed to helping engineers accelerate their medical device development and this tool is one more way to get access to the right components quickly.