MedTech Outlook features Chamfr in annual listing of top catheter solution providers

By Chamfr Team
May 3, 2021

A digital approach to accelerating medical device development

Every year MedTech Outlook highlights companies that are at the forefront of providing catheter solutions and impacting the industry. This year Chamfr had the honor of being included on their list.

In the article, Chamfr’s CTO and co-founder Katie Karmelek, discusses the challenges that design engineers face as they work on building a prototype. For example, they need to try out different components in a wide range of sizes, materials, and configurations before figuring out what works best. As an engineer, Katie’s been through this back-and-forth process many times.

This is where Chamfr comes in. With over 1500 components from 25 different suppliers, Chamfr is like an Amazon for medical device components.

“At Chamfr, we give engineers access to a wide range of in stock components and technologies for prototyping to spur the development of innovative medical devices. This allows design engineers to launch their products faster by being able to iterate without long lead times and high-cost minimum orders.”
~Katie Karmelek, CTO & Co-founder of Chamfr

The online marketplace acts as a one-stop-shop for medical components. This allows design engineers to save time by searching thousands of different types of components from dozens of suppliers all together in one central place with one single checkout.

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