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(250 products)

Compliant, semi-compliant and non-compliant balloons.

Braided Structures
(32 products)

Try nitinol or stainless steel braid in a range of lengths, diameters, and braid patterns.

Cases & Trays
(5 products)

Iterate orthopedic packaging quickly with modular cases, trays, caddies and more.

(29 products)

Rapid exchange and over-the-wire balloon catheters for your device projects.

Catheter Accessories
(52 products)

Building a catheter? Browse our range of complimentary components.

Connectors & Fittings
(181 products)

Single-use connectors and fittings for your catheter sub-assemblies and tubing sets.

Dilators, Introducers & Sheaths
(21 products)

From valved tearaways to micropuncture introducer kits and more.

(13 products)

Sling, tunnel and helix cuff electrodes for your bioelectronic R&D projects.

Equipment, Fixtures & Tools
(17 products)

Find the equipment needed to expedite your medical device development program.

Filters & Valves
(32 products)

Browse from a range of inline filters and check valves.

Guidewires & Accessories
(16 products)

Both nitinol and SS core guidewires for optimal kink-resistance and torque handle accessories too.

Heat Shrink Tubing
(102 products)

Flexible and durable with maximum adherence to polymers and metals.

(1196 products)

Coated and uncoated mandrels in 304 stainless steel and acetal.

(242 products)

Our selection of spooled wire is available in single or multifilar strands.

Marker Bands
(72 products)

Browse from both polymer and metal marker bands to add radiopacity to your device.

Metal Pins
(481 products)

Metal pins are great for use as dowel pins, pivots, hinges and more.

Metal Tubing
(797 products)

In-stock metal tubes in stainless steel, titanium, platinum, platinum iridium.

Nitinol Parts
(6 products)

Expedite your vascular or structural heart project with in-stock nitinol parts.

Nitinol Sheets
(138 products)

Browse from 35 in-stock nitinol sheets in thicknesses from 0.0019″ to 0.059″.

Nitinol Tubing
(164 products)

Nitinol tubing can be used as-is or laser cut into a discrete component, such as a stent or frame.

Nitinol Mandrels & Wire
(135 products)

Nitinol mandrels and wire have long lasting straightness optimal for catheter development.

Chamfr Surgical Needles and Sharps (BLK)
Needles & Scalpels
(118 products)

Select from both percutaneous access needles and scalpels.

(4 products)

Quick access to packaging materials such as Tyvek pouches and more coming soon.

Polymer Tubing
(1115 products)

Medical grade tubing in a variety of materials, lengths, durometers, and more.

Pull-Wire Assemblies
(14 products)

Welded pull-wire assemblies to quickly iterate on your steerable catheter projects.

Raw Materials
(205 products)

Extruded shapes (rods and sheets), resins and colorants great for small injection molding or prototyping needs.

(7 products)

Nitinol springs in both open and closed configurations.

(12 products)

Select from standard Medallion or VacLock syringes ranging from 0.5 to 60 mL

Thin Films
(17 products)

Single layer thin film extrusions can be used for PPE, wound care and more.

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