4 New Reasons to Shop at Chamfr.com

By Chamfr Team
February 1, 2024

We’re committed to helping you innovate faster

If you’re always looking for new materials and products or more options to choose from then we’ve got you covered. This week, we’ve been busy adding LOTS of components to our online store to give you even more reasons to come to Chamfr first when you begin sourcing for your R&D project.

Check out these 4 new reasons to shop on Chamfr.com:


It’s not metal. It’s not polymer. It’s composite.

Remember the old saying “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts?” That’s the advantage of composite materials—two or more materials combined to form an even stronger material.

With the addition of Polygon Composites Technology, we’re now offering in-stock glass-filled reinforced polymer (GFRP) components. These composite components are made using a mixture of fiberglass and resin and serve as a great alternative to metal.


Even MORE FEP heat shrink

You’re probably asking if it’s possible for us to have more FEP heat shrink. Yes, it is! Medical Extrusion Technologies brings MORE FEP heat shrink SKUs to our online store. With shrink ratios up to 2.3:1, recovered IDs ranging from 0.004” – 0.4339” and lengths up to 72”, we now have over ~170 in-stock FEP SKUs for you to quickly buy. 


Our wires category now includes cables

With the addition of Minnesota Wire, we’re pumped to be able to offer you new wires as well as expand our offering with cables! These new wires and cables come in 33-12G with a tinned copper conductor and have various insulators and multifilar constructions. Don’t forget to browse our whole wire & cable offering with ~260 SKUs in a wide range of materials, types and sizes.


New resins & colorants

Working on a small volume extrusion or injection molding project? Shop our raw material section. With over 200+ SKUs, we have a wide range of resins, colorants and semi-finished shapes from 3 supplier including one of our new suppliers Minnesota Wire.