Aptyx Joins Chamfr with Gears

By Chamfr Team
April 30, 2024

Gears that work together

Gears are becoming increasingly critical as more and more devices and equipment have motion and movement. Whether you’re working on a robotics, minimally invasive surgical or other device with motion, you can come to Chamfr during the product development phase for in-stock gears. 
Our newest supplier, Aptyx, doubles the size of our gears offering with three high-strength plastic gears that are designed to work together. Designed at M1 module with a 20° pressure angle, they mesh with each other – the 16 teeth to either the 32 teeth or 48 teeth gear for a temperature range of 20° to 140°F.


  • Teeth: 16
  • Material: Delrin 500AL
  • Bore size: Ø6 mm
  • Color: Natural


  • Teeth: 16/32 and 16/48 
  • Material: Delrin 500AL
  • Bore size: Ø6 mm
  • Color: Natural

The three gears are sold individually so you can pick and choose what works best for your device.

Shop both Aptyx’s high-strength plastic gears and Hammersmarking’s metal gears — all in-stock and ready to ship from the supplier. 

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