CathPrint Joins Chamfr and adds Flex Circuit Catheters

By Chamfr Team
June 21, 2023

Off-the-shelf advanced catheters to accelerate your R&D projects

CathPrint has partnered with Chamfr to bring their advanced catheter technology to medtech R&D engineers everywhere. This flex circuit catheter features pre-assembled catheter electronics integrated seamlessly into the catheter wall via a flexible printed circuit.

CathPrint’s patent-pending catheter technology offers:

  • great flexibility to avoid shaft stiffness
  • the ability to incorporate sensor capabilities with less use of precious metals
  • an open lumen design that provides space for other functions

This one of a kind prototype can be used for many applications including mapping and ablation. With fast and easy access via, you can test and evaluate this unique technology for your project now!

5FR Flex circuit catheter:

  • 0.069” (1.75 mm) OD
  • 0.043” (1.09 mm) ID
  • 45” (1141 mm) length
  • 10 electrodes with proximal connector handle

Watch video to learn about this unique technology

Driven by innovation, CathPrint brings to the medical industry a new and effective method of catheter production, substantially reducing manpower efforts and costs. Working with various companies in the catheter industry, CathPrint has introduced novel solutions to the production of catheters with various requirements.
CathPrint utilizes their proven technology of flexible printed circuit boards (FPCBs). This enables a semi-automatic operation process for attaching wires, electrodes and contacts, replacing today’s small-scale, handmade manufacturing.

Watch the video to see how customized patterns of conductors and electrodes are printed on the CathPrint Flex and then wrapped around medical tubing to create flex circuit catheters.

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