Junkosha’s Peelable FEP Heat Shrink is Now In-Stock

By Chamfr Team
February 7, 2024

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On Chamfr, you can access in-stock, ready to ship FEP, PET, Pebax, Polyolefin, PTFE and now the new 1.8:1 shrink ratio translucent peelable FEP heat shrink tubing! With the addition of our newest supplier Junkosha, we’re pumped to be able to offer you this latest heat shrink technology for your R&D innovations.
Junkosha’s new 1.8:1 translucent peelable heat shrink provides catheter manufacturers with enhanced flexibility for intricate bonding and welding applications. It streamlines the manufacturing process, enhances efficiency and is an ideal choice for producing interventional medical devices like micro-catheters due to its straightforward removal process.
Junkosha will begin by offering 8 SKUs:

  • 1.8:1 shrink ratio
  • 0.028” – 0.450” Exp IDs
  • 0.015” – 0.300” Recovered IDs
  • 59” lengths

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With over 250+ SKUs, we just love coming up with more and more reasons for you to make us your first stop for sourcing components early in the R&D process. Get to know our heat shrink offering better:

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