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By Chamfr Team
April 2, 2024

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ICYMI, we have a range of filters from pediatric to inline and even some assortments kits on Chamfr. Our newest supplier Pentair expands our filter catalog with capsule, disk and intake air filters designed to safeguard respiratory and anesthesia equipment while optimizing performance. 
Pentair’s filters have precision filtration with microform borosilicate glass microfiber media and straight or barbed connections ranging from 3/16″ to 7/16″. Check out these new SKUs:

  • Disposable Disk Filters
    • 3 SKUs 
    • Protects patients and oxygen concentrators against sieve bed contamination with high-quality Microflex® borosilicate glass microfiber media
    • Features:
      • High-efficiency filtration with low pressure drop
  • Disposable Capsule Filter 
    • 2 SKUs
    • Utilizes HEPA filter media to remove harmful contamination from air compressors in oxygen concentrators, ensuring proper valve performance and extending molecular sieve life
    • Features:
      • HEPA filters remove over 99.97% of particles of 0.3µm or larger
      • Filter-silencers for particle filtration optimization and sound attenuation
      • Suitable for specific high-temperature applications
  • Disposable Bacterial Intake Filter
    • 1 SKU
    • Designed to provide true HEPA filtration, safeguarding respiratory and anesthesia equipment from bacterial and viral transmission through patient exhalation, mucus, and medication
    • Features:
      • Greater than 99.97% removal efficiency
      • Exceptional dirt holding capacity for extended life

Make sure to explore our extensive selection, which includes nearly 20 filters. With 7 different types of filters from 3 suppliers, you’re sure to find something for your product development project.