Need sutures for your R&D project?

By Chamfr Team
February 28, 2024

40+ In-Stock Sutures Now Available

Monofilament sutures are most well known for their use in soft tissue repair, but they also have numerous other applications such as in structural heart procedures and complex delivery systems.

With the addition of our newest supplier, Luxilon, you can access in-stock non-sterile sutures to develop your next novel medical device. And, the best part is that you can source these sutures without needing a medical license!

  • 43 SKUs from Luxilon
  • Available in a wide range of USP and EP sizes 
  • Polypropylene, nylon, PET and BP (polyether ester elastomer) some even have a barium sulfate radiopaque additive
  • Blue, green and natural colors
  • Sold in 10 m lengths  

Need Needles for Your Sutures?

Don’t forget that we have over 140 needles in-stock. Browse various types of needles including suture, epidural, guidewire introducer, gauges, lengths to get exactly what you need for your application.