New etched PTFE liners & braid wire are here!

By Chamfr Team
May 21, 2024

More of a good thing

Jerry Garcia famously said, “Too much of a good thing is just about right.”

We couldn’t agree more! The addition of our newest supplier, Micro-Tek, expands your choices for etched PTFE liners and braid wire. 

Etched PTFE Liners

With 29 new SKUs of etched PTFE liners, we’ve grown our liner offering by 40%! These liners are ideal for catheters, endoscopes, and other medical devices requiring smooth, low-friction surfaces.

Micro-Tek PTFE liners on Chamfr:

  • 0.019″ – 0.071″ IDs
  • 0.022″ – 0.075″ ODs
  • 48″ and 73″ lengths

Don’t forget about our full offering of 150+ liners:

  • PTFE and polyimide
  • 0.013″ – 0.276″ IDs
  • 0.015″ – 0.279″ ODs
  • Lengths ranging from 11.5” to 80”
  • 7 suppliers including 3TG Tech, AP Technologies, Keystone Medical, Micro-Tek, Specialized Engineering, Steer Medical & Teleflex Medical OEM

Braid Wire

Our braid wire offering has grown by 20%! Made with premium alloys that feature uniform mechanical properties, this wire is ideal for medtech applications where tight tolerance and precision winding are critical.
Micro-Tek braid wire on Chamfr:

  • 304V stainless steel
  • Various sizes of round and flat wire
  • Steeger® bobbins: 26 mm & 30 mm

Check out our full lineup of 50+ braid wire options:

  • Range of materials including 304SS, tungsten, nitinol and more
  • Bobin Types: Steeger® 30 mm and DIN 100
  • Sold in sets and spools
  • 2 suppliers including Micro-Tek and Ulbrich Speciality Wire Products
Polyimide, PEEK, Glass-Filled PTFE and More!

Did you know that we have over 1400 SKUs in our polymer tubing section from 15+ different medical device suppliers and and 60+ different material choices?

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