NEW! Tools & Equipment for Catheter & Balloon Makers

By Chamfr Team
April 25, 2024

Speed R&D with specialized holding tools, crimpers & pneumatic connectors

At Chamfr, we’re always excited about adding new suppliers. But we’re especially stoked when we get to introduce a brand-new product category, like tools and equipment for catheter, balloon, stent, and heart valve makers. With the addition of our newest supplier, Blockwise Engineering, we now offer 56 new SKUs of specialized equipment designed to help you achieve the highest-quality and lowest-cost manufacturing process. 


  • Simpluer™ quick connector models are perfect for leak testing, crimping, pleating, and more
  • Can work to pressurize or pull a vacuum
  • Luer fitting connectors and tube grabber models available with a range of seals to fit tubes from 0.040″ – 0.315” (1.016 mm–8.001 mm)

CRIMPERS (4 SKUs; more coming soon!)

  • Range of crimping tools in manual and pneumatic options
  • Pneumatic option available with or without control box 
  • Low-, medium-, and high-force models

HOLDING TOOLS (2 SKUs; more coming soon!)

  • Spring-activated 3 jaw micro-chuck holds small-diameter wires & catheters
  • Adjustable funnel style for guiding catheters or long objects into small opening
  • Used with swager or other equipment

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