New Seller: Lumenous expands lasercut hypotube offering

Chamfr Team
By Chamfr Team
August 25, 2020

Lumenous has joined the Chamfr community, bringing its lasercut hypotubes to our marketplace. This addition expands our lasercut hypotube offering and marks the first time that their components are available in-stock and available to ship in 24 hours.“Streamlining the path to an optimized design has always been a core value and strength of Lumenous; customers rely on us to regularly seek ways to refine our services for each step in the design and product lifecycle,” said Todd Dickson, CEO at Lumenous. “By leveraging Chamfr’s marketplace and RFQ & custom ordering tool, our customers can order stock and custom components electronically at their convenience.”

B2B buyers continue to adopt digital at an accelerated rate. And, and such, medical device suppliers are stepping up to make their products more easily accessible. Lumenous’ commitment and dedication to providing you with quick online access to low volume components for your device innovations make them a great addition to our team.