Introducing Lupine Research and How They Can Help You

By Chamfr Team
May 25, 2023
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Lupine Research (Automation division) has specific expertise in the application of machine learning for vision-based inspection and a deep understanding of how this technique can be deployed into highly controlled manufacturing.  The implementation of machine learning-based algorithms can both expedite the inspection process and make decisions more repeatable; even surpassing the ability of human inspectors. The vision systems developed by Lupine Research have you covered on one of the most expensive and time-consuming aspects of manufacturing, and virtually eliminate the most common issues with traditional inspections: false calls, varied results, and human errors.

In addition to image-based analysis, Lupine Research automation can also leverage precision metrology techniques such as: comparators, white light interferometry, laser profilometry and ellipsometry among others.

These techniques can be used to develop discrete decision-making algorithms for measurements such as holes, diameters, locations, thickness, curves, sizes, surface pattern, spots, marks, scratches, etc.

Lupine Research is a trusted integrator for Keyence, Cognex and LMI hi-tech equipment.


The automation division concentrates on developing software and artificial intelligence (A.I.) based vision tools. These tools are specifically geared towards improving manufacturing quality by replacing human-based quality control decision making.  We specialize in devices for medical products and processes quality control; however, our technology can be applied to almost any product and processes.

Why is this important to you?

Cost, Quality, Efficiency

If your manufacturing process includes inspection, as most require, then you are probably spending a lot of money in training, monitoring, keeping standard criteria, master samples and testing every day. And still, with all of that investment, your customers likely complain at times about non-confirming parts being received…

Vision and A.I. systems are available with other suppliers. What makes Lupine Research different?

Our combined approach of vision-based qualitative analysis knowledge of high-precision discrete sensors and software-oriented machine development provides a unique and complete approach to quality control.  

Lupine research can design, build, and develop full turnkey automation or engage at any point along the development path of a manufacturing process with faster turnaround times, Industry 4.0 standards, and familiar user interfaces.

Let Lupine Research’s proven automation development strategy work for your next generation intelligent process.

Lupine Research is part of Weiss-Aug Group

Lupine Research, a Chamfr Service Partner, applies software and artificial intelligence (A.I.) based vision tools to quality control, decision making, process improvement and automation. Check out our Service Partner page for more partners to help you execute on your design & development project.