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Machining & Metal Services


Accu-Tube specializes in providing stainless steel tubing high-quality SS alloys, such as 17-7, 304, 304L, 316L, and 321. Fabrication processes include welding, drawing, straightening, cutting, deburring, cleaning, bending, end forming, and more.


Applied Plastics

PTFE Natural® coated mandrels provide a smooth, slippery surface that is chemically inert and withstands up to 550ºF operating temperatures. Commonly used as critical catheter manufacturing aids to lubricous coatings for stylets and guidewires.

Coatings, Tools & Equipment


Biocoat is a full-service hydrophilic coatings provider specializing in UV and Thermal hydrophilic coatings, custom coating services, and coating equipment for medical devices to original equipment manufacturers, start-ups and contract manufacturers.

Coatings, Design Services, Quality Assurance, Regulatory, Testing


CMDC Labs is a commercial provider of in vitro bioactive surface, microbiology, and immune response testing, as well as scientific writing, for small to mid-sized medical device developers & manufacturers. We possess diverse expertise, proprietary techniques, expedited timelines, and reduced costs.

Polymer & Molding Services

Cobalt Polymers

Cobalt Polymers manufactures Pebax® & Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing to your needs in precision-cut lengths and custom sizes, colors and durometers: 40D, 55D, 63D, 70D and 72D. Made in the US since 2001, our tubing is flexible, super thin and durable.

Machining & Metal Services


With our °AirRay Electrode technology we can support you with individualized solutions for recording from and stimulation of the central or peripheral nervous system. The °AirRay Cuff Electrode technology enables you to find a perfect fit for your research. All of our electrodes are manufactured under highest medical device standards.



Since 2002 Endosmart has been expert in processing the shape memory alloy Nitinol and offering solutions for medical device manufactures including: conceptual design of your idea, development of prototypes, cleanroom production and support during the approval process.

Polymer & Molding Services


At Flexan, we offer contract manufacturing services for a broad array of medical device products. We provide a wide variety of molding and extrusion capabilities utilizing rubber, silicone and thermoplastic materials.

Machining & Metal Services


Forécreu designs and manufactures hollow round bars with various types of steel and titanium from an extruded drawn process, for use in surgical tools and implants.  Approved by all major OEM’s in the industry, Forécreu has become a reference in the orthopedic, trauma and sports medicine industry.

Machining & Metal Services

Fuji Seiko

Fuji Seiko has an enduring passion for delivering the highest quality stainless steel tubing and cannula to the exacting requirements of the medical industry. For more than 30 years, it has supplied the world’s leading medical companies.

Polymer & Molding Services

GenX Medical

GenX Medical manufactures medical grade polymers including micro-bore, multi-lumen, pressure, bump & taper, beading, wire coating, high-temp and bio-resorbable extrusions. We design and manufacture our own tooling that will be dedicated to your product.

Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing, Clinical & Pilot Manufacturing, Coatings, Prototyping, Volume Manufacturing & Assembly

Implant Surfaces

Implant Surfaces applies unique, nano-engineered surfaces for cell attachment including osteoblasts, endothelial or gingival fibroblasts to medical implants and creates surfaces to extend the flex-failure life of titanium 3D-printed implants and parts to reach up to 10+ million cycles.

Coatings, Machining & Metal Services

Johnson Matthey

JM provides high-quality precision machined components, implant grade Nitinol parts, and advanced coatings and surface solutions. Our expertise in material science, rapid prototyping capabilities and metal management services will accelerate your innovation in medical devices and contribute to a healthier world for all.

Machining & Metal Services


Lumenous delivers design, prototyping and manufacturing for a variety of catheter-based devices – flexible hypo tubes, valve frames, stents, wire-formed components, and more. Laser micro machining & welding, expert electropolishing, nitinol wire/tube drawing and precision cleanroom assembly.



Medibrane is a designer, developer, and manufacturer of customized biomaterial polymeric covering and coating of medical frame based applications intended for a diverse range of MIS in such fields as neurology, cardiovascular, cardiology, and urology, as well as for gastroenterology, biliary and respiratory devices.

Machining & Metal Services

Medical Component Specialists

MCS manufactures ortho pins, mandrels, medical drills and staples for orthopedics and interventional applications. MCS has master grinding capabilities to ensure precision as well as CNC machining and full-in-line production for high volumes.

Machining & Metal Services

Metal Cutting

At Metal Cutting we are precision cutting, grinding, polishing and machining specialists. We manufacture burr-free tight tolerance parts from all metals. We provide the precision required by medical devices and all industries that demand perfection.

Industry Insights

Medical Product Outsourcing

Medical Product Outsourcing is the only global magazine (circulation of 25,000 BPA-qualified recipients) dedicated to the growing trend of medical device outsource manufacturing.

Complex Guidewires & Hypotubes

Meron Medical

Applying innovative and extreme precision grinding techniques, Meron Medical solves capability, cost, and delivery related issues on the most complex guide/core wire & hypotube designs for neuro, cardio, and peripheral vascular delivery devices. We offer quick turn R&D prototypes through full production volumes.

Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing, Clinical & Pilot Manufacturing, Design Services, Prototyping, Testing, Tools & Equipment

Northeast Biomedical

Northeast Biomedical is a medical device product development and contract manufacturing company that works with companies at all stages of development. Our team of highly skilled engineers specialize in the design and development of products and equipment including electromechanical instrumentation and disposables.

Industry Insights

Orthopedic Design & Technology

Orthopedic Design & Technology is devoted to the design and manufacturing of orthopedic products, with in-depth articles on design trends, materials selection and manufacturing technology.

Design Services, Molding, Prototyping, Tools & Equipment

Pezo Solutions

Pezo Solutions offers quick-turn design services, medical prototyping solutions, and catheter overmolding capabilities. Known also for our portable plastic injection molding machine, the GS-5T is ideal for development and low volume production.

Polymer & Molding Services

Poba Medical

Poba Medical is a medical device contract design and development company perfecting process technology and the associated know-how to provide high quality rapid turn thermoplastic balloons for any interventional device or surgical device application.

Polymer & Molding Services


Polyzen is a developer and manufacturer of polymer-based materials, films, components, and assemblies. We can assemble and package complex medical devices in our class-10,000 clean rooms.


Precision Coating

Whether your product needs a close-tolerance highly lubricious PTFE coating or a high barrier-resistant anodic coating, our engineering resources and proprietary capabilities can help accelerate your product design & launch.

Clinical & Pilot Manufacturing, Design Services, Prototyping, Tools & Equipment

Resolution Medical

Resolution Medical provides device design, prototyping, regulatory support, system development, and commercial-scale manufacturing services. Known for rapid development timelines, highly experienced engineers, and deep clinical anatomy expertise, we focus on highly innovative medical technologies in structural heart, neuromodulation, heart failure, EP, oncology, and ENT.

Machining & Metal Services


Resonetics is a pioneer in laser micro manufacturing. The company also is a leader in centerless grinding, thin-wall stainless steel tubing fabrication, precious metal forming, nitinol processing, and other critical machining services.

Polymer & Molding Services

Spectrum Plastics Group

Spectrum Plastics Group is a leader in the development and manufacture of specialty plastics products and components for the medical device industry, offering a full range of development, engineering, fabrication and finished device services.


Steer Medical

Steer Medical specializes in the manufacture and design of catheter shafts and catheters. We offer a range of services including design & consultation services, braiding, coiling, shaft reflow, thermal bonding, complex assembly, laser welding, tipping, testing, rapid 3D prototyping, prototype hydrophilic coating and adhesive & UV curing.

Tools & Equipment


Featuring SYNEO’s proprietary Hollow Core Sharpening Technology, SYNEO manufactures medical precision cutting tools with unparalleled sharpness for drilling, punching, and skiving holes.

Polymer & Molding Services

Tekni-Plex Medical

Tekni-Plex Medical provides advanced medical grade, polymer-based solutions (compounds, tubing and other products) for medical devices and other applications. Its nine manufacturing locations use lean manufacturing tools and principles to drive quality and continuous improvement.

Polymer & Molding Services

Teleflex / HPC Medical Products

HPC Medical Products, a part of Teleflex Medical OEM, is known across the world for its polyimide and thermoplastic micro-diameter tubing; film-insulated fine wire; coated mandrel wire; and embedded conductors. Our extensive capabilities include laser-stripped, film-insulated wire; pad printing; and thermoplastic welding.

Design Services, Machining & Metal Services, Packaging Services, Polymer & Molding Services


Viant is a leader in the design and manufacture of medical devices and components, including precision metal tubing. We offer deep materials & engineering expertise with integrated end-to-end solutions from design & development to manufacturing, assembly and packaging.

Clinical & Pilot Manufacturing, Machining & Metal Services, Polymer & Molding Services, Prototyping, Volume Manufacturing & Assembly


We build complex catheters and subassemblies to meet your most challenging requirements, such as exceptionally large and small devices. Our experienced engineers can guide you through the process from rapid prototyping to high-mix and volume manufacturing.

Machining & Metal Services


Wytech is a valued outsourcing partner of wire and tubing components and assemblies. Whether your job is simple or complex, prototypes to high volumes, and needed fast, Wytech is prepared to be your reliable go-to outsourcing partner.

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