W.L. Gore Joins Chamfr with their DRYSEAL Valve

By Chamfr Team
March 17, 2022

R&D engineers now have quick access to one of the world’s most versatile hemostasis valves at the click of a button

For the first time, you can source the DRYSEAL Valve by itself as an individually packaged component! Plus, it’s in-stock and available online for quick and easy ordering.

The DRYSEAL Valve enables introduction of multiple devices with proven hemostasis control. The valve accommodates multiple wires and catheters through the valve simultaneously with minimal blood loss. It facilitates hemostasis without intraprocedural manipulation of the valve. 

  • Each valve component is supplied with 2 o-rings
  • After purchasing, you will receive a link with a downloadable CAD and valve connector geometry information


Tips for Success with GORE’s DRYSEAL Valve

Comprised of an outer silicone tube and an inner film tube, saline is injected through the attached stopcock to pressurize the valve. 

  • Aspirate air from the valve through white stopcock labeled “VALVE”
  • Inject 2.5 ml saline, using supplied syringe, through the white stopcock labeled “VALVE” to pressurize the valve
  • Close the white stopcock and attach white cap (tethered to white stopcock)

Read Gore’s full list of preparation tips