By Chamfr Team
August 6, 2021
Wytech Joins Chamfr with the addition of their nitinol wire and stainless steel mandrels

We’re really excited to add Wytech’s nitinol wire and stainless steel mandrels to Chamfr.com. With 500 new skus and over 2000 skus across the site, we’re bringing you a larger variety of components to choose from for your project from longer lengths to new surface finishes like parylene coating.  

Wytech’s offering on Chamfr will include nitinol wire and 304 SS, 304V SS, 316LVM SS, 17-4 SS mandrels:

  • Surface finishes including PTFE coated, parylene coated, ground and spring temper
  • ODs ranging from 0.003″ to 0.190″
  • Mostly 73″ lengths, some as long as 120″

Shop Wytech’s nitinol wire and stainless steel mandrels

Understanding the different surface finishes

There are a lot of different considerations when choosing a component. On mandrels, guidewires, and catheters, surface finish is often one of those considerations. Here’s a quick run-down to help you choose the right finish.

  • PTFE Coated: this lubricious coating provides a low coefficient of friction, is heat-resistance and its non-stick benefit means that almost all substances release easy.
  • Parylene Coated: this conformal coating provides chemical resistance, moisture barrier and even antimicrobial properties. Great for implantable and non-implantable devices.
  • Ground: this centerless ground surface provides a smoother surface than the standard drawn mandrel.
  • Spring Temper: this process enables the material to have higher strength and better spring back properties, often resulting in a blue color on the surface.