Cannulated Bars: Reducing Manufacturing Time & Efficiency

By Katie Karmelek
October 8, 2020

As an engineer who’s worked on many medical devices, I’m still learning each and every day. There’s so many resources, components and technologies used in device development. It’s one of the many reasons I’m still so passionate and excited about this industry after 15 years on the job. 

Lately, I’ve been learning more about cannulated bars. Most commonly made of stainless steel or titanium, they are used in both orthopedic and minimally invasive surgery instruments and implants. When I’m consulting with device companies, they’re often debating whether to use cannulated or solid raw material in their devices. 

Bonezone recently published an article in which they discuss this topic. They show how traditionally the comparison between cannulated bars or solid bars only considered the difference in the cost of the raw material. But there are other benefits including shortening production time that results in significant increases in manufacturing efficiency for orthopedic and surgical instruments and implants. Check out the article, I think you’ll find it really insightful. 

Read the full article on Bonezone.

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