Cuff Electrodes Now Available as CorTec Joins Chamfr

Chamfr Team
By Chamfr Team
February 11, 2021

Interventional, orthopedics, surgical and now bioelectronic components!

We’re excited to add cuff electrodes to our marketplace of 1500+ skus of in-stock and ready to ship components.

This new way of purchasing CorTec’s electrodes provides engineers with quick access to components that can help shorten the product development process and accelerate time to market.

In-stock cuff electrodes available in multiple configurations: 

  • Closure mechanisms: micro sling, micro tunnel and helix
  • Number of contacts: range from 2-8
  • Open cable ends for easy connection

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Did you know that the recommended cuff inner diameter should be 20% larger than the nerve?

CorTec’s white paper provides guidelines and tips for working with cuff electrodes in the peripheral nervous system. It includes: 

  • the important factors for selecting the right electrodes
  • the preparation of the electrode before implantation
  • the basic conditions of a successful implantation
  • the use of cuff electrodes in your experiment

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Stay tuned for more sellers and more products coming soon
including percutaneous electrodes