Nitinol Sheets & Tubing Now Available as Johnson Matthey Joins Chamfr

Chamfr Team
By Chamfr Team
February 23, 2021

A one-stop shop for nitinol medical components

From braids to frames and sheets to tubing, we now have the widest offering of nitinol components for your medical device development project. Learn about our newest product additions:

Nitinol Sheets

Did you know that many complex medical device components are first cut from a flat pattern on a nitinol sheet and then formed into a unique, 3-dimensional shape?

Nitinol sheets provide engineers with even more options for laser cutting or machining features that are not always possible when starting with a tube or wire. Check out Johnson Matthey’s nitinol sheets:

  • 0.002″ – 0.060″ thickness
  • Up to 4″ width and 20″ length
  • Superelastic with Af Range of 0-25˚C
  • 35+ in-stock skus

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Nitinol Tubes

Did you know that in many cases nitinol tubing can be used as an alternative in a medical device application that traditionally uses stainless steel because of its unique superelasticity and shape memory capabilities? 

  • IDs ranging from 0.009″ – 0.216″
  • ODs ranging from 0.014″ – 0.236″
  • Up to 60″ lengths
  • Superelastic with Af Range of 0-25˚C
  • Surface conditions including light oxide, oxide, and centerless ground
  • 30+ in-stock skus

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