Our metal tubing offering just got BIGGER because we’re adding SMALLER hypotubes!

By Chamfr Team
September 30, 2021

Fuji Seiko Joins Chamfr, adding their small, thin-walled hypotubes to the marketplace

We’re excited to share that our metal tubing offering has 825+ different skus to choose from. We have everything from cannulated bars to marker bands in a range of sizes, lengths, and materials.

With the addition of Fuji Seiko, we’re not only growing our metal tubing offering but our hypotube offering – which now has 150 skus. Fuji Seiko’s hypotubes are smaller and thinner-walled than others in our offering. 

  • Range of gauge sizes from 31G – 10G
  • Wall thicknesses from extra thin wall (XTW) to heavy wall (HW)
  • More standard and custom sizes from Fuji Seiko coming soon!

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Get to know Fuji Seiko

Fuji Seiko facility in Japan

Fuji Seiko manufacturers small diameter tubing for use in medical needles and catheters. For more than 30 years, they have focused solely on the medical industry.

With vertical integration, the Fuji Seiko team is able to control the entire process – from melting through fabrication and inspection.

They operate two plants in Japan and have additional facilities in the US, China and Hong Kong.

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