Pro tips for handling 4:1 Heat Shrink Tubing

Chamfr Team
By Chamfr Team
February 16, 2021

When you first order a sample of Cobalt Polymers’ 4:1 Pebax® or Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing, you may be in for some surprises. 

  • It’s individually wrapped
  • It’s totally flat
  • It has a “neck” on each end (Tip: Don’t cut them off!)

In Cobalt Polymers’ new blog post, they share pro tips for using this unusual tubing, including:

  • What to expect
  • How to expand it
  • How to size it

Their 4:1 Pebax Heat Shrink Tubing is the thinnest Pebax tubing available. 4:1 tubing is a good choice when you need your tubing walls to be as thin as possible (< 1 mil or .02 mm). Common applications include:

  • Outer layer for catheter shaft
  • Cover for coils and braids
  • Jacket for laser-cut hypotube
  • Coating for tapered guidewire

Read full article on Cobalt Polymers website.
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