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Chamfr Team
By Chamfr Team
December 2, 2020

MWS Wire Industries Joins Chamfr

This week, we’re adding a new product category and a new seller with the addition of MWS’ fine wire.

MWS’ high-precision medical wire is ideal for various medical applications including cardiac catheters, sensing solutions, ultrasound imaging, implants, stimulation therapies and hearing aids.

This new wire offering on Chamfr will include insulated and bare conductors in a range of materials including copper, constantan and nickel chromium. 

  • ~50 in-stock skus
  • Thermocouple, enameled single strand alloys, and multifilar wire
  • ODs Ranging from 0.002” – 0.021”

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Stay tuned for more new sellers and products in the coming weeks!